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Frequently asked questions

A taxi is free when the light on the roof of the vehicle is green (red means it is occupied).
If any of the lamps A-B-C or D under the light is on, the taxi is also occupied.
If nothing is lit, the taxi is unavailable.
If the device is hidden, the taxi is not in use.

Yes, as long as you are more than 150 metres from a taxi rank.

Yes, but it is customary for the taxi in first place to go first.

No, except in 3 cases provided for by the law :

  • Person clearly under the influence of alcohol.
  • Dirty person.
  • Person with an animal except for the visually impaired and their guide dog.

Special case:
A person in possession of a medical prescription for transport when the taxi is not approved by the health insurance bodies.

Yes, but taxis are craftsmen who know the city inside out. The route chosen takes into account the flow of traffic according to the time of day.

The price including VAT is calculated automatically by the meter. It takes into account :

  • The care.
  • Distance.
  • Day and time.(day, night, sunday and holidays)
  • Waiting or walking time lente.

To this price can be added :
The “luggage” supplement.
The “5th and following persons” supplement.
The return toll charge if the customer requests to use the motorway.
The taxi must display a notice inside the vehicle showing the rates applicable in the department, in accordance with the prefectural decree in force.
Note: the minimum fare in 2018 is €7.10 and the applicable VAT is 10%.

This is the cost of the approach from the taxi’s departure station to the customer’s pick-up point.

No. At the customer’s request and in any event as soon as the amount exceeds €25.00 the taxi driver must issue an invoice.

  • For parking permits N°1 to 58 issued by the commune of DIJON.
  • Dijon City Hall, Service Commerce, BP 1510 – 21033 Dijon Cedex.
  • For parking permits N°59 to 84 issued by the other municipalities of the department.
  • Prefecture of the Côte d’Or, Directorate of Citizenship, Elections and Regulations Office, 21041 Dijon Cedex.