Advice and precautions

The service provided by TAXIS DIJON consists of searching, on behalf of the client, for an available taxi in the area of the request according to the indications provided by the client.

If it is an immediate request :

Le client doit signaler les particularités de la course (train, avion, bagages, objets encombrants, animaux domestiques, etc..) . TAXIS DIJON procède alors à une analyse immédiate du nombre de taxis disponibles dans le secteur demandé et les secteurs environnants, TAXIS DIJON annonce alors au client un délai estimatif d’arrivée du taxi en fonction de la disponibilité des taxis et procède sur le champ à la recherche d’un véhicule qui effectuera la course. Dans le cas où le client est mis en attente de confirmation , et que celui-ci raccroche pour quelque cause que ce soit avant que la confirmation du taxi ne lui soit faite , la demande est automatiquement annulée.

If it is a request in advance, called "reservation" :

This consists of TAXIS DIJON registering a taxi request made by the customer within a maximum of seven days before the time of travel. This does not involve the reservation of an identified taxi, but the taking into account of a search for a taxi programmed by TAXIS DIJON to be carried out 7 to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time depending on the pick-up location, the characteristics of the taxi requested and the expected traffic conditions.

TAXIS DIJON reserves the right to refuse advance requests on certain days, at certain times or in certain geographical areas depending on the number of requests already recorded and/or the forecast supply of taxis. For each advance request, the client specifies the characteristics of the request, day, time, address and particulars of the journey, as well as the name of the passenger. Cancellation or modification of the order placed must be made by the client at least 1 hour before the scheduled pick-up time.

In the event that no taxi arrives 5 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, the client must immediately call the TAXIS DIJON call centre on 03 80 41 41 12, which will give him any useful information on the arrival of the taxi or on the status of the search for the taxi.
The customer must get into the taxi as soon as it arrives at the address indicated in the case of an immediate request or at the time agreed in the case of an advance request. If the passenger is absent, the taxi driver is allowed to leave five minutes after this time without prior warning. The taxi journey must be paid to the driver for the amount shown on the meter. When the customer requests a specific type of vehicle, TAXIS DIJON will do its utmost to find a taxi corresponding to the attributes requested. In the event of unavailability, TAXIS DIJON reserves the right to send another type of taxi, including, if necessary, assigning 2 vehicles instead of one depending on the number of luggage and persons to be transported. In this case, the customer must pay the fare to each of the drivers.