Quality policy

  1. Purpose
    The TAXIS DIJON association has the will to be a perennial structure, which by the quality of its services and its collaborators must preserve its place of local leader.
  2. Vision
    The TAXIS DIJON association permanently and sustainably implements fundamental principles of quality. It transforms in depth and improves attitudes, behaviours and organisations towards a single objective: THE CLIENT.
  3. Our commitments
    • Availability
      • Our direct line 03 80 41 41 12 is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 9 employees are at the service of each customer. We are committed to dealing with your requests as quickly as possible.
    • Optimisation of resources
      • Our association is equipped with the latest technology. Our GPRS race distribution software package allows you to locate the nearest vehicle quickly and efficiently.
    • Professionalism
      • Personalized reception of our clients
      • Help and care for our customers with mobility difficulties
      • Have a courteous, respectful and correct attitude
      • We show up with a comfortable and clean vehicle.
      • Application of the regulations in effect.
        • Pricing, driver training, regulatory equipment
        • Diversified means of payment
        • Implementation of the most economical route for the customer or the one preferred by the customer if the customer has a preference
      • Provision of receipts or invoices on request for clients who need to be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Our values


Employee development

Ability to change

Respect for commitments

Team spirit